6 Reasons Deck Builders Struggle With Marketing

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Does this sound familiar: You love working with your hands. Somewhere along the way, you discovered you were pretty good at building things. You had the opportunity to learn the trade under someone else, but you reached a point where you wanted to go out on your own. So, you started a deck-building business. Your…

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Top 10 Marketing Strategies Deck Builders Need in 2021

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Marketing has changed, and that means marketing strategies have changed, too. When widespread internet adoption took off, it completely changed how business works and how people find deck builders. Remember when you used to be able to secure a solid amount of business by attending a couple trade shows every year? Here’s the thing, people…

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9 Steps to Leverage Google My Business

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The experts said to get more customers for your deck building company you needed a website. Great. You got one. Where is everybody? Right? This is not uncommon. You need a world-class website, but if you want to know the fast track to getting more people on your business website and convert those leads into…

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Why Digital Marketing Doesn’t Work

Why Digital Marketing Doesn't Work

Have you ever heard someone say digital marketing doesn’t work? Well, these are some misconceptions in digital marketing you need to know. What Is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is all about finding and connecting with your ideal customers where they are online. Think about when you’re searching for something, anything. You might want information about…

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The Sales Funnel: The Matchmaker’s Playbook

graphic of a sales funnel

What Is A Marketing And Sales Funnel? As a deck builder, you have a desire to beautify homes in your service area. You got your website up, put in some standout photos of your work, and you wait for all the sales leads to hit your inbox from your website. And, you wait … and…

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