Top 10 Marketing Strategies Deck Builders Need in 2021

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Marketing has changed, and that means marketing strategies have changed, too. When widespread internet adoption took off, it completely changed how business works and how people find deck builders. Remember when you used to be able to secure a solid amount of business by attending a couple trade shows every year? Here’s the thing, people…

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9 Steps to Leverage Google My Business

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The experts said to get more customers for your deck building company you needed a website. Great. You got one. Where is everybody? Right? This is not uncommon. You need a world-class website, but if you want to know the fast track to getting more people on your business website and convert those leads into…

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Do You See Marketing as an Investment or an Expense?

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Which one is it? Do you consider marketing as an investment or as an expense? Often, small deck contractors view marketing as an expense for their business. However, they should see marketing as an investment. Every small business needs marketing, even deck builders. Because digital marketing changes all the time, it’s nearly impossible for a…

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