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Mastering Your Google Business Profile Verification: A Comprehensive Guide for Deck Builders

Getting ahead of the competition and winning over customers starts with one crucial step: setting up a Google Business Profile. In a world where Google is king, being seen on this platform can make all the difference. But it’s not enough just to show up; you’ve got to stand out. And that’s where verifying your profile comes into play. Google places its trust in businesses that have taken this step, helping them to climb higher in search results. It might sound a bit tricky, but don’t worry. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the process, step by step, to get your business verified and ready to shine.

Key Takeaways

  • Preparation is Key: Plan your verification video meticulously.
  • Show Your Space: Demonstrate your business location clearly.
  • Highlight Your Work: Present your tools and projects.
  • Prove Your Role: Verify your association with the business.
  • Tailor for Home-Based Businesses: Adapt the process for non-traditional setups.

Helpful Tip: To increase your chances of successful verification, make sure your video is recorded in good lighting and with a steady hand. Clear, well-lit footage helps Google easily verify the details you’re showcasing. Additionally, consider using a tripod or stabilizer to keep the video steady and professional.

1. Preparation is Key

To ace your Google Business Profile verification, a simple record-and-go won’t cut it. Think of this as setting the stage for your deck-building business’s big moment. It’s about showcasing the heart of your operations in a concise, clear manner. Determine the path you’ll take to illustrate your business location effectively, decide which tools or projects best represent your work, and consider how to authentically convey your ownership and management role. This structured approach not only aligns with Google’s verification criteria but also enhances the credibility of your business profile. Remember, your video should be under 2 minutes. Videos longer than 5 minutes will be rejected.

2. Show Your Space

For Google and potential customers to trust your business, they need to see it. Start your verification video by showing your business location in relation to recognizable landmarks and street names, ensuring it matches the address listed on Google Maps. Begin outside your business, capturing your surroundings before moving inside. This step is crucial for verifying the physical presence of your business.

3. Highlight Your Work

Next, take the opportunity to showcase the heart of your deck-building business: your tools, equipment, and any completed projects or marketing materials you have on hand. This not only demonstrates the legitimacy of your business operations but also highlights the quality and scope of your services.

4. Prove Your Role

It’s important to establish your direct connection and authority over the business. This can be done by showing yourself accessing the building or specific areas with keys and displaying business documents that tie your name to the business address. As an extra tip, consider also recording yourself opening the door of your branded work truck, showing your tools, materials, and any branded materials inside. Ensure you do not feature sensitive documents in your video. This step is key to proving your rightful management of the business.

5. Tailor for Home-Based Businesses

For deck builders operating out of a home office or without a traditional business front, it’s essential to adapt your verification approach. Showcase your tools and work area within your home, demonstrate the use of software for design or client management, and provide any branded materials like trucks or uniforms.

Film yourself opening up the truck and showing your materials. Additionally, presenting documentation that connects your home address to your business is vital. This approach ensures that even non-traditional business setups are verified effectively.

Your Video Must:

  • Prove the location matches your Business profile service area: Begin by either filming a street sign, a nearby business, or the surrounding area where the business address is located.
  • Prove your business name and category match your Business profile: Demonstrating this is as simple as taking footage of either a business card, a branded company vehicle, or business equipment.
  • Prove you are a legal representative: Since you do not have a physical building to showcase, provide footage of you either unlocking a branded vehicle, using business software, or a document (like a utility bill) that proves your address.

While Google only requires that you capture one item from each of the three requirements, we recommend including more than one item from each category. Doing so may streamline the process and increase the approval odds.

Helpful Tip: If you’ve followed all these steps but your video still gets rejected, don’t worry. You can contact Google Support for further assistance.


  1. How do I ensure my deck-building business passes the video verification process?

    The key to passing the video verification is showcasing the physical presence of your business, the tools and materials you use for deck building, and any signs of your business operation. Ensure the video is continuous, without edits, and covers both the interior and exterior of your workspace, including clear signage of your business name.

  2. What if I don’t have a physical office for my deck-building business?

    Google understands that many businesses operate from home or do not have a traditional office space. For home-based businesses, focus on showing your tools, vehicles, and any space you use for your business, like a garage or workshop. Also, prepare to show documents that link your business to your home address.

  3. Can I add projects or portfolio pieces to my GBP after verification?

    Yes, once your GBP is verified, you can and should update your profile with photos of your completed projects. This not only adds credibility to your business but also gives potential customers a visual understanding of the quality and style of your work.

  4. How long does the GBP verification process take?

    The duration can vary based on the verification method. Postcards can take up to two weeks to arrive, while video and live call verifications might get reviewed quicker. Generally, expect the review process to take a few days to a week after submission

  5. What happens if my verification attempt fails?

    If your initial verification attempt is unsuccessful, review the reasons provided by Google carefully. Make the necessary adjustments to your business profile or the verification video and submit for verification again. If specific issues are unclear, you might consider reaching out to Google Support for further clarification

In Conclusion

Navigating Google Business Profile verification might seem complex, but it’s a game-changer for deck builders aiming to stand out. We’ve walked you through essential steps: from the critical planning of your verification video, showcasing the essence of your workspace, to illustrating your projects that reflect the quality of your work. It’s about making your business not just seen but chosen.

Remember, it’s your craftsmanship, your business’s location, and your personal involvement that will authenticate your presence on Google, making your profile a trusted spot for potential clients. For those running operations from unconventional setups, adapting these strategies ensures your business shines just as bright.

This isn’t just about meeting Google’s criteria; it’s about leveraging this opportunity to highlight what makes your deck-building business unique. So, take this blog, craft a verification video that captures the essence of your business, and set your sights on climbing the ranks in Google’s search results. Here’s to making your mark and building trust in the digital world, one deck at a time.

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