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Think Twice Before You Click ‘Apply’: The Truth About Google’s Ad Recommendations

Hey deck builders, let’s have a little chat about Google’s Ad Recommendations. Picture this: you’re all set up with your Google Ads campaign, and then Google starts throwing recommendations at you like confetti at a parade. Seems helpful, right? Not so fast. These recommendations might actually be doing more harm than good, and here’s why you should consider professional help to get the best bang for your buck.

I recently had a great conversation with Alejandra, our account strategist at Deck Builder Marketers, about this very topic. Alejandra shared some insightful tips on why deck builders should be cautious with Google’s recommendations and how manual optimization can lead to better ROI and lead quality. I thought it would be super helpful to pass on these insights to you.

Google’s Optimization Recommendations: Not Always Your Best Friend

Google loves to give you tips to “improve” your campaign. They might suggest using broad keywords to catch more eyeballs. But here’s the kicker – these broad keywords often don’t align with your specific business goals. You might end up spending more on ads that bring in clicks, but not quality leads.

Alejandra pointed out that some of Google’s suggestions can actually increase your ad spend without improving lead quality.

Bias in Google’s Ad Recommendations: Watch Your Wallet

It’s no secret that Google’s in the business of making money. Their recommendations are often tailored to increase your ad spend, which directly benefits them. But does it benefit you? Not always. It’s crucial to review these suggestions critically.

Alejandra mentioned:

Google’s reps often suggest strategies that maximize Google’s revenue, not yours. For example, they might push for higher budgets or smart bidding strategies that aren’t always in line with your goals.

Manual Optimization: The Secret Sauce

Instead of relying solely on Google’s automated recommendations, manual optimization can be a game-changer. This approach allows for a more tailored strategy, focusing on the specifics of your business.

Here’s why manual optimization matters:

  • Targeted Keywords: Professionals can select keywords that truly match your services, avoiding the pitfalls of broad, irrelevant terms.
  • Strategic Adjustments: Regular analysis and tweaks ensure your campaigns stay aligned with your business goals.
  • Quality Leads: Focus on getting leads that convert, not just clicks.

Helpful Tip:

Always review Google’s recommendations. Dismissing irrelevant ones can actually improve your campaign’s performance by keeping your strategy focused.

Understanding Optimization Scores: It’s Not All About the Numbers

Google’s optimization score is a nifty little metric that shows how well your campaign meets their standards. But here’s the thing – not all aspects of this score directly impact your campaign’s effectiveness. Sometimes, focusing too much on this score can lead to unnecessary changes that don’t really help.

Alejandra explained:

“The optimization score can be misleading. It’s designed to make Google happy, but not all recommendations improve your campaign’s actual performance.”

Benefits of Hiring a Professional: More Than Just Better Ads

Hiring a professional can take your Google Ads game to the next level. Here’s how:

  • Expert Analysis: Professionals know how to sift through data and make informed decisions that align with your business objectives.
  • Better ROI: With strategic management, your ad spend is optimized to get the best return on investment.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Quality leads mean more conversions and better business growth.

A real-life example from our team: We had a client whose campaign was suffering due to broad keywords suggested by Google. After manual optimization and strategic adjustments, their lead quality improved significantly, leading to higher conversion rates.


Why shouldn’t I just follow Google’s recommendations?

Google’s recommendations are often designed to increase your ad spend, not necessarily to improve your lead quality. It’s better to critically review these suggestions and apply only those that align with your business goals.

How can a professional improve my Google Ads campaign?

Professionals can tailor your campaign strategy to focus on targeted keywords and strategic adjustments that align with your business objectives, leading to better ROI and higher conversion rates.

Is it worth investing in professional Google Ads management?

Absolutely. Professionals bring expertise and strategic insight that can significantly improve your campaign’s performance, ensuring you get quality leads and a better return on your investment.

Wrapping It Up

Google Ads can be a powerful tool, but only if used correctly. Don’t let Google’s recommendations lead you astray. Manual optimization and professional management can ensure your ad spend is working hard for you, bringing in quality leads and maximizing your ROI.

Ready to see how professional Google Ads management can transform your deck building business? Reach out to Deck Builder Marketers for a free strategy session and let’s build something great together.


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