Importance of Before and After Photos for Deck Builders

Did you know that 90% of homeowners are more likely to hire a contractor who showcases before-and-after photos? As a deck builder, you know the value of a well-crafted deck. But how do you show potential clients the magic you bring to their outdoor spaces? The answer lies in before and after photos. These snapshots are more than just pictures; they are powerful tools that can track progress, market your services, satisfy clients, and even win awards.

Tracking Progress

Before-and-after photos offer a clear visual record of your project’s progression. They serve as a handy tool for project management, helping your team monitor milestones and ensure everything is on track.

  • Visual Timeline: Keep a detailed visual timeline of each project.
  • Quality Control: Identify and address issues early by comparing stages.

Marketing and Promotion

High-quality images of completed projects are marketing gold. They can be featured in your portfolio, on your website, and across social media to showcase your work and attract new clients.

  • Build Trust: Highlight the quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail in your projects.
  • Social Proof: Share compelling transformations to engage potential clients.

Helpful Tip: Invest in a good camera or hire a professional photographer to ensure your photos do justice to your work.

Client Satisfaction

Sharing before-and-after photos with clients helps them visualize the transformation, enhancing their satisfaction and reinforcing their decision to choose your services.

  • Visualize Value: Show clients the tangible impact of your work.
  • Boost Confidence: Reinforce clients’ trust in your expertise.

Awards and Recognition

Well-documented projects with compelling photos are essential for award submissions. Winning industry awards can boost your company’s credibility and visibility, providing a significant marketing advantage.

  • Stand Out: Use high-quality images to submit for industry awards.
  • Gain Exposure: Awards can increase your visibility and attract more clients.

Helpful Tip: Keep a well-organized library of your best before-and-after photos for easy access when opportunities for awards arise.

Photography Tips for Deck Builders

Capturing great before and after photos requires planning and a bit of photography know-how. Here are some tips to help you get the best shots.

Plan and Prepare

  • Timeline: Understand the project’s timeline and key milestones.
  • Equipment: Use high-quality cameras, tripods, and appropriate lenses.
  • Safety: Ensure safety protocols are followed on-site.

Lighting and Timing

  • Natural Light: Capture photos at different times of the day to leverage natural light.
  • Golden Hours: Early morning or late afternoon often provides the best lighting.
  • Supplemental Lighting: Use additional lighting if necessary to highlight specific features.

Composition and Framing

  • Angles: Experiment with different angles and perspectives.
  • Framing: Avoid filling the frame too tightly; leave space for potential cropping.
  • Context: Include elements that provide a sense of scale and environment.


  • Same Vantage Points: Take shots from the same vantage points to effectively track progress over time.
  • Regular Updates: Document each significant phase of the project.

Human Elements

  • Include People: Featuring workers can add a dynamic and relatable element.
  • Safety First: Ensure workers follow safety protocols to represent your company positively.


Integrating these practices can significantly enhance your project management, marketing, and client satisfaction. By showcasing the transformation you bring to outdoor spaces, before-and-after photos can help you build trust, attract new clients, and gain recognition in the industry.

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Why are before-and-after photos important for my deck building business?

Before-and-after photos provide a clear visual record of your work, help in marketing, enhance client satisfaction, and are essential for award submissions.

How can I take good before-and-after photos?

Plan your shots, use high-quality equipment, leverage natural light, and ensure consistency in angles and framing.

Can Deck Builder Marketers help with my marketing?

Absolutely! We specialize in helping deck builders like you enhance your online presence and attract more clients with professional marketing strategies.


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