8 Ways Marketing Helps You Run Your Deck Business Like A Pro

8 Ways Marketing Helps You Run Your Deck Business Like A Pro

So, you’re a pro at building beautiful decks. But how do you get more people to know about your skills and come to you for their deck dreams? Enter marketing – it’s like a friend who goes around bragging about how awesome you are, so everyone wants to meet you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Branding is Essential – Just like you showcase your best decks, marketing helps highlight your skills and attract potential clients.
  • Land Bigger Projects – Through marketing, clients can visualize bigger and better projects, leading to increased business for you.
  • Attract Ideal Clients – Tailored marketing draws in clients who value your specific style and expertise.
  • Boost Trust & Speed Up Decisions – Providing a clear portfolio helps build trust and leads to faster project approvals.
  • Stay Organized & Engaged – Use marketing tools for reminders, thank-you emails, and staying connected with prospects.
  • Personal Touch Matters – Sharing your journey and story can make a significant impact on client trust and rapport.
  • An Online Presence is a Must – Being accessible and visible online ensures you’re always within reach of potential clients.

1. Branding: Shape An Identity That Resonates And Inspires

A potent brand isn’t just a logo-it’s the essence that draws in top talent, clients, and partners. Think of Apple’s cutting-edge image or Nike’s embodiment of determination. Brands thrive on relatable personalities. As a deck builder, perhaps you’re the family-centric craftsman or the innovative trendsetter.

Your brand is more than just aesthetics; it’s your narrative. It’s essential that it shines consistently, from your friendly phone greetings to your professional website design. The goal? Ensuring when people think decks, they think of you.

2. Landing Bigger Jobs And Earning More

Imagine marketing as your personal photo album. This isn’t just any album – it’s filled with pictures of the best decks you’ve made.

  • Showing Off: The more you show people the amazing decks you’ve built, the more they’ll want something similar for themselves. Picture it: someone thinks they want a small deck. They see a photo of a beautiful, expansive deck you made with a built-in barbecue and seating area, and suddenly, they’re thinking bigger!
  • Talking About Your Work: It’s not just photos. When you tell folks about how you select materials or the special techniques you use, they appreciate your work more. It’s like a chef sharing his secret recipe – people love the inside scoop!
  • Inspiring Bigger Dreams: Marketing can turn someone’s simple wish into a grand vision. Instead of a basic wooden deck, maybe they’ll now want built-in lights or a custom railing. Your photos and stories can make them dream bigger, and that’s more business for you.

3. Attracting The Right Folks

You have a unique style and touch when it comes to building decks. Not everyone will want the same thing, and that’s okay.

  • Finding Your Crowd: Marketing is like a magnet, pulling in folks who like what you do. Maybe it’s families who want a safe deck for their kids, or retirees looking for a peaceful place to relax. When they see your past projects, they’ll think, “This is exactly what I want!”
  • Avoiding Time-Wasters: If someone doesn’t like your style, it’s better to know early on. By showing off your work, you’re more likely to get calls from people who are already interested, and less from those just window shopping.

4. Turn More Calls Into Jobs

Getting a call or an email is just the first step. You want these folks to say “yes” to your work.

  • Building Trust: If someone’s seen photos of your work, read stories about how you helped other homeowners or watched a video of you talking about deck safety, they’ll feel like they already know you. That trust makes it easier to turn a chat into a confirmed job.
  • Quicker Decisions: The more folks know about what you offer, the faster they can decide. No more waiting days for them to think it over. They’ve seen your work, they like it, and they’re ready to go!

5. Automatic Reminders: Your Helpful Elf

It’s tough to remember everything, especially when you’re busy building. Marketing can help here too!

  • Staying on Top: Some tools can send thank-you emails automatically or remind folks about their upcoming deck appointments. It’s like having an assistant who never forgets!
  • Keeping in Touch: Maybe someone’s not ready to build their deck right now, but they might be in a few months. Automatic emails can keep you in their thoughts, so when they’re ready, you’re the first person they call.

6. Know How Well You’re Doing

Ever wish you could read people’s minds? With some parts of marketing, you almost can.

  • Feedback is Gold: After finishing a deck, an automatic survey can tell you what the homeowners loved or what they wish was different. This way, you always learn and get better.
  • Most-Loved Projects: By seeing which photos or stories get the most likes or shares, you can find out what people love the most. Maybe it’s the decks with built-in planters or the ones with a fire pit. Knowing this helps you offer more of what folks want.

7. Become Everyone’s First Choice

Every deck builder has a story. Maybe you learned the craft from your grandparents, or perhaps you built your first deck when you were just a teenager. Sharing this story can make folks feel connected to you.

  • Relatable and Real: When people know a bit about you, not just your work, they feel like they’re hiring a friend, not just a deck builder.
  • Building a Reputation: Good stories get shared. When someone reads or hears about how you went above and beyond to source the perfect wood for a deck, they’ll remember it. And probably tell their friends too.

8. Be Everywhere (Without Moving An Inch)

The world is online these days. From finding a place to eat to hiring someone for home projects, everyone looks up their options on the internet. Being easily found online is like having a shop in the busiest part of town.

  • Hello, Neighbors!: By being online, whether it’s through a website or social media, you’re introducing yourself to the neighborhood and beyond. Just like people walk past shops and notice new ones, they’ll stumble upon your online ‘shop’ and see your work.
  • Show and Tell, Anytime: With an online presence, folks can see your work anytime, day or night. It’s like having a 24/7 showcase. Someone might be thinking of getting a deck while they’re having a late-night cup of tea. With just a few clicks, they can be admiring your work.
  • Chatting Without Chatting: Having a blog or frequently asked questions (FAQs) section on your website means you’re answering people’s questions even when you’re busy. Maybe they’re wondering how to maintain their deck during winter or what kind of wood is best for a sunny backyard. By sharing your knowledge online, you’re helping them out and showing off your expertise.
  • Feedback and Ideas: Being online isn’t just about showing off; it’s also about listening. Folks might share their dream deck ideas or give feedback on projects. This can be a gold mine of ideas for future projects or ways to improve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why Is Marketing Crucial For Deck Builders?

Marketing acts as a bridge between your craftsmanship and potential clients. It not only showcases your work but also establishes trust and credibility.

I’m Not Tech-Savvy. Can I Still Market My Business Effectively?

Absolutely! While digital marketing offers extensive reach, traditional marketing methods can also be effective. Consider collaborating with a marketing expert to guide you.

How Do I Know Which Marketing Strategies Will Work Best For My Deck Business?

The best approach often depends on your target audience, budget, and business goals. A marketing review and strategy session can help identify the most effective methods for your business.

Is Word-Of-Mouth Not Enough For Growth?

While word-of-mouth is powerful and can lead to new clients, relying solely on it can limit your growth potential. A combination of word-of-mouth and strategic marketing can lead to optimal results.

How Can I Measure The Success Of My Marketing Efforts?

Tracking tools, feedback surveys, and website analytics can provide insights into how well your marketing strategies are performing and areas of improvement.

In Conclusion:

Building decks might be your main passion, but showcasing that passion can unlock doors you didn’t even know were there. Just as you wouldn’t leave a masterpiece hidden in your workshop, don’t let your skills go unnoticed. By embracing marketing strategies, or by simply sharing your journey with the world, you open up opportunities for more homeowners to fall in love with your work.

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