Digital Marketing Success! Hen-House Decks & Deck Builder Marketers

My name is Andy Henley. I’m with Hen-House decks. I’m out of Hartville, Ohio, which is close to the Football Hall of Fame. So if you don’t know where Hartville is, you can use that as a reference. I’m a production custom deck builder. And what that means is, we build a high volume of decks that are creative, and a custom in a sense for putting an inlay in from borders, multiple colors.I think we’ve been known to produce a good amount of decks a year and make them all unique

Challenges that I’ve run into in my career have been I’m super creative at making awesome decks and putting my creativity and my artistic and this into my projects. And I like to call myself a deck guru, a lot of people call me all he’s a deck guru, when I’m not a guru at is SEO. And I can’t figure out Google, I can’t figure out how to do my website stuff, I can be honest with you, I just don’t have a passion in that. And when I met with April, she shares that same passion I have for the decking industry and my love for being creative is her passion and what she does for getting my name out there. So it’s a great fit.

When I was looking for a company to take over my marketing aspect in kind of give my website a refresh and a facelift. I have been researching it a few places with other vendors that do that. And April, she just has the decking market on hold. She understands our industry. She’s passionate like I am. She gives back to the industry which I am a huge advocate of she it’s not just about making a sale with her. It’s about how can she make us as deck builders grow and be better than what we all right now. So that was my number one reason of canceling out with my other marketing company and going with April.

Since hiring April to do this, my my whole way of thinking of the process that I’ve been doing it from years prior has completely changed. It’s been opening up my eyes as far as how I can make myself a little bit more of a structured company. And I feel like I never thought I had a that was a weakness in my business. But now that she showed me how I can I can keep growing my business that that was a weakness that I had that I didn’t realize that I had. And I think personally wise it’s it’s actually really eliminated some stress for me of trying to figure out who the right person to hire and stuff is it’s taken off a hat that I wear. And I wear lots of hats. I got this one, I got this hat. So there I’m already wearing a lot of hats. So she just was able to eliminate a big hat for me there. If you’re looking to if you’re looking for a marketing company to to take it to the next level. I definitely would recommend using April and her team. It’s not just April it’s her whole team she has behind them they’re they’re very punctual, they, sometimes I’ll ask them question I feel like an idiot and they never made me feel like I’m an idiot on any questions. They’ll dumb it down somebody which is awesome. And I And I’ve never once felt like I couldn’t approach them or ask them a question. And even if I thought it was stupid, they made me feel like it was a great question to ask and they talked me through it and helped me understand the process.


April Edwards

Owner & Lead Marketing Strategist
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Digital Marketing Success! Hen-House Decks & Deck Builder Marketers
Digital Marketing Success! Hen-House Decks & Deck Builder Marketers

Learn how Deck Builder Marketers helped Andy Henley from Hen-House Decks manage his SEO and improve his workload.

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