Majestic Outdoors’ Marketing Makeover: A Deck Builder’s Guide to Success

Majestic Outdoors’ Marketing Makeover: A Deck Builder’s Guide To Success

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The Challenge

Majestic Outdoors was in a tight spot with their marketing strategy. Focused primarily on fieldwork, they had a limited digital presence, which was just a small landing page and minimal Google visibility. This online footprint wasn't doing justice to their capabilities and expertise in the outdoor living industry, making it hard to attract potential clients.

The Solution

Understanding the depth of this challenge, we took a comprehensive approach to improve Majestic Outdoors' digital presence. We created a new website with a keen eye on user experience, making sure it was a true reflection of their expertise and services. But we didn't stop there.

A key part of our strategy was implementing strong SEO practices. We populated their site with robust, engaging content that not only highlighted their extensive talents and skills but also underscored their exceptional customer service. This content strategy was designed to position Majestic Outdoors as a leader in the outdoor living industry, enhancing their visibility and appeal to a broader audience.

The Outcome

Post-website launch, Majestic Outdoors has experienced a transformative change in their online presence. Their team can now focus on what they do best, assured that their digital marketing is in good hands. The new website, full with powerful SEO and content strategies, now effectively attracts more clients and showcases their expertise and excellent customer service more efficiently.


Increase in traffic


Increase in organic keywords


Increase in leads in 12 months


  • Brand Style Guideline
  • Lead Management (CRM) & Sales Automation
  • Review Request System
  • Conversion-Focused Website
  • Local SEO
  • Google Maps Optimization
  • Online Listings
  • Content Development
  • Strategic Content Syndication
  • Tracking & KPI Measurement

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