Mitchell Construction Marketing Results

Mitchell Construction


The Challenge

Mitchell Construction faced a crucial task: they needed to grow their team by adding a new salesperson and office staff. The goal was to ensure that their sales process was efficient and every lead was properly managed.

The Solution

To achieve this, we implemented Sales Jumpstart on their website. This tool was a game-changer. It automated their sales process, making sure every customer inquiry was fastly and personally addressed. This new system not only made their sales process smoother but also helped them get more positive customer reviews.

The Outcome

The results were remarkable. With this new system, Mitchell Construction successfully hired a new salesperson, Joe, who could easily fit into this efficient process. The improved sales process led to better lead management and more successful conversions making him pass his sales goal earlier in 2023. This set Mitchell Construction on a path of sustained growth and success.


Website visitors


From Organic Traffic


From Paid Traffic


more growth in 2023 than expected


keywords ranking in the top 3


  • Brand Style Guideline
  • Lead Management (CRM) & Sales Automation
  • Review Request System
  • Conversion-Focused Website
  • Local SEO
  • Google Maps Optimization
  • Online Listings
  • Content Development
  • Strategic Content Syndication
  • Tracking & KPI Measurement

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