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Hen-House Decks

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The Challenge

Hen House Decks needed to significantly enhance their online presence to attract more visitors and improve lead conversions. Although we didn't design their website, the challenge was to maximize its potential through other digital marketing strategies.

The Solution

Our strategy centered around robust SEO optimizations and compelling content creation to increase organic search visibility. Additionally, we initiated Google Ads and social media campaigns to further drive traffic and engagement. These efforts were carefully designed to align with Hen House Decks' specific audience and market demands.

The Outcome

The impact of our digital marketing efforts was substantial. In just the first six months, Hen House Decks saw an increase of over 23,000 visitors. The number of organic keywords bringing traffic to their site grew by 80.64% in ten months, and organic traffic alone brought in an additional 2,700 visitors. This marked improvement in online visibility and engagement set Hen House Decks on a path of sustained growth and success.


From Organic Traffic in the first 10 months


Organic keywords in the first 10 months.


From Organic Traffic in the first 10 months


  • Brand Style Guideline
  • Lead Management (CRM) & Sales Automation
  • Review Request System
  • Local SEO
  • Google Maps Optimization
  • Online Listings
  • Content Development
  • Strategic Content Syndication
  • Tracking & KPI Measurement

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