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Hometown Builders

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The Challenge

Hometown Builders was facing a critical marketing issue: they lacked an online presence, as they had no website. Their advertising was primarily through yard signs, word-of-mouth, and Facebook posts, which limited their reach. They approached us with a clear goal: to build an online presence that would draw in new, qualified leads.

The Solution

Our strategy was comprehensive. Firstly, we created Hometown Builders' inaugural website, a vital step in establishing their digital identity. But our work went beyond just setting up a website. We focused heavily on local SEO, ensuring that the site was not just a business card but a dynamic tool optimized for attracting and converting leads. Every aspect of the site was crafted to guide visitors toward engaging with their services.

In addition to website development, we extensively updated their Google Business Profile. This update was aimed at enhancing their visibility in local search results, making it easier for potential clients in their local market to discover and reach out to them.

The Outcome

The impact of these changes was both swift and significant. Following the launch of their optimized website and improved online presence, Hometown Builders experienced an increase in lead quantity and quality. This boost in business activity has prompted them to consider expanding their team by hiring additional staff such as a salesperson or administrative assistant to handle the increased workload.


Keywords in the top 3


Visibility increase in 3 months


Traffic increase in 1 month


  • Brand Style Guideline
  • Lead Management (CRM) & Sales Automation
  • Review Request System
  • Conversion-Focused Website
  • Local SEO
  • Google Maps Optimization
  • Online Listings
  • Content Development
  • Strategic Content Syndication
  • Tracking & KPI Measurement

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